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NFTdelics is a unique collection of 3.300 iconic images and symbols that tell the relations between Humanity and drugs.
From the shoots, roots and mushrooms used by ancient shamans, al-chemists and witches to their discoveries by explorers and naturalists ; from the drug deal invented by the English to the first uses in medicine and arts ; from the chemistry era to a WWII on drugs ; from the beatniks and the hippies to the yuppies ; from the prohibition to the war on drugs ; 
33 massive key points that show how Heaven can be close to Hell. 

When counterculture is culture, 
when History is our story, 
NFTdelics is the link between High and Life…

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When you purchase your NFTdelics, You Own the NFT : the ownership is transferred to you on the Ethereum blockchain for that individual piece of Art combination of traits and number. Ownership of the NFT is ruled by the smart contract and the Ethereum Network terms. We, HILIFE , have no ability to alter, freeze, seize or modify the ownership of any  NFTdelics.

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